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I've now watched series 1 and 2 of Doctor Who and I really love this show, more than I ever thought I would. I'm still grief-stricken over the way series 2 ended!

Writer's Block: Extraordinary Woman

Secretariat is the impossible true story of one of the greatest athletes of all time and the extraordinary woman who believed in him. How has the strength and support of an extraordinary woman helped you achieve an impossible goal?

Athlete? Really?

Unless I'm mistaken and Secretariat came to that woman's house and asked her to train him so he could hit the big time, he was a horse that people purchased in order to have him make money for them. He's just lucky he never had an accident while racing that resulted in his being killed on the track. Athlete... COME ON!

Still Irate

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I guess I should have known better than to try to have a discussion with someone whom I know thinks the complete opposite from me on most social issues. She's Republican, I'm not. The issue was a news story about an inmate in a PA prison who has been subjected to torture and rape etc from inmates and guards (he's now in a coma). He's a child pornographer, and my friend had the link on her status and said, basically, haha he deserves it. I said that I don't care about his getting bad treatment from inmates, but I don't think the guards doing that is a good thing. There are plenty of people in prison who may have done bad things but they don't deserve to be made to stand naked in their cell for days on end or for guards to facilitate their beatings by inmates, and that it is foolish to think that sadistic guards would confine their actions only to people who "deserve" it. She kept just repeating that pedophiles deserve what they get, and barely addressed the fact that guards shouldn't do that, finally saying that since she posted it she thought she got to choose the debate theme, but go ahead and keep defending pedophiles. She put a "lulz" at the end of her comment, so maybe she thought she was being funny and I wasn't supposed to take that seriously, but sorry... If you're unable to have an adult discussion or debate with someone who points out something you don't want to deal with, put a fucking disclaimer up: Please, only yes-men need reply to this post. (Which is what happened. One person acknowledged I "had a point", but no one was willing to discuss the fact that these guards should not be abusing their power the way they were. No one came to my defense. Possibly all her other friends realize arguing a point with her is useless.

All I can say is, I am still incredibly pissed about it. I hid her on FB, but I almost want to just delete her from my friends. We were really close at one point but we haven't been for ten years. An apology would be accepted, but I don't think it's coming.
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TB season 3: some quick thoughts

First, I haven't seen the last two episodes, and I don't know when I'll be able to watch the rest of the season. I have just been reading the lengthy recaps that posts. I will now address some gripes with this season.

First, I am not one of those who thinks Ball should not have changed anything. I have actually seen people bemoaning the changes he's made to "Charlaine Harris's masterpieces" and I almost choked. If those people think they are masterpieces, they are truly disturbed. They are fun and easy, and the standout is how awesome the Sookie/Eric relationship is. Easily best thing about the books. So when that is fucked with, I get unhappy. Most of the changes, I'm fine with. Lafayette? Love it. Nelsan Ellis is fantastic. Tara? I love her and yeah, her storyline was annoying last year but I love it this year and I think she's awesome. Jessica? At first she was annoying but I liked her by the beginning of season 2. The main thing I have a problem with are the changes to Sookie, Bill, and Eric, and since Sookie is the main character and those two are her main squeezes, it's a problem that is getting bigger and bigger all the time.

The big secret of what Sookie is? Vampires that are 1000+  years old can't tell? This is dumb. And the chick who is playing Claudine? Here we have another example (Bill being the first) of: When people are described as good-looking, you'd think they would cast someone good-looking. Hell she's described as stunningly gorgeous, at least someone pretty for FSM's sake!



Writer's Block: No place like home

What are five things you love about where you live and five things that you hate? How does it compare to previous places you've lived?


1. Location. I'm in MA after having spent the last 14 years in VA, and I'm still by the beach!

2. Weather. Longer winter, more snow, shorter, milder summer, and spring actually exists here.

3. Better schools.

4. Closer to family (though in my mom's case, it fluctuates between good and bad).

5. Liberal state


1. Though I'm happy to be in this state, this city would not be the one I'd choose if I had my druthers.

2. The denizens of this city have a severe littering problem.

3. No jobs here at all.

4. Expensive!

5. No friends here.

How it compares- I feel that I'm finally home, and it's one thing I'm always happy about.

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Ten Vampire Show Cliches

I LOVE vampire shows. (Good ones.) And I love most despite these crazy cliches:

1.  Tortured Vampire. He's sad about being a darn vampire!
      Offenders: Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Blood, Moonlight, Forever Knight, The Vampire Diaries, Dark Shadows

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20 Classic Actors Whose Movies I Want to See

Here is a list of some actors whose movies I have somehow never watched, not including cameos (Linda Darnell's as the Virgin Mary in The Song of Bernadette), or movies I have tried to watch but as yet have been unable to finish (Citizen Kane). Also there are some people whose movies have never watched, like Rock Hudson, that I am perfectly fine with being ignorant of. I know that at some point I will watch Giant because I love James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor, but I'm in no hurry because I hear it sucks. His other movies consist largely of romantic comedies with Doris Day, and again there is no interest for me there.

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